Congratulations Emily Schneider, for becoming Lululemon's most recent Ambassador!


Emily Schneider


Emily is passionate about changing changing lives. A former professional dancer,  she has long been involved in fitness - both as a participant and an instructor. Teaching various forms of high intensity cardio and strength exercise, Emily began to look for balance - and that search led her to Pilates. 

Finding Pilates, Emily felt an immediate connection with both the method and the movement.  Seeing and feeling the immediate benefits of Pilates, it very quickly became a large part of not only her fitness routing, but her lifestyle.  It was this strong connection that was the driving force pushing her to become a Pilates instructor and eventually open her own studio. 

Emily continues to heal bodies, push boundaries, create balance and test limits with her strong yet mindful approach to Pilates...changing not only their bodies, but their lives. She truly believes life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.