Luann Brusa

Owner and Founder of TruCore Pilates


Twenty-five years of experience in the high-pressure world of medical device sales and the years spent earning two Master's Degrees prepared Luann for the reality of launching and operating her own business, TruCore.

Many years ago, Luann's path was abruptly altered by a life-changing trauma. While returning home from a sales call, her car was suddenly struck just miles away from her home by a drunk driver. The crash was so severe that Luann's car was nearly unrecognizable. The effect of the accident left Luann with pain in every inch of her body, however, she chose to shift her focus on healing and turning a negative situation into one of positivity.

Countless hours of physical therapy seemed to be the wisest alternative to recovery, however, her healing process directed her to a Pilates studio for the very first time. With precise instruction by a skilled instructor, the practice gave Luann amazing relief and greatly enhanced her range of motion.

As Luann fell in love with the practice of Pilates, she began training on evenings and weekends and eventually decided to pursue certification as a Pilates instructor. Although the trauma of the car accident brings moments of chronic pain, Pilates has changed her body and life tremendously. Making the decision to launch a studio and apply her professionalism and skill to a new endeavor has been quite a rewarding experience.