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Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training Program Details:

The Mat System: Pre-Pilates, Mat and Post Pilates – Two 3 1⁄2 day weekends for a total of 56 hours.

According to Ms. San Miguel, Mat is the basis for the Pilates Method. The Lolita’s Legacy Mat system is enhanced by the following course materials:

  • Kinematics of Movement Anatomy Manual, created especially for the program by Dr. Aaron Spector.
  • Introduction and Overview of the Pilates Method, which deals with the history of the creators of the Method and the “Elders”.
  • The Philosophy and Principles of Joseph Pilates and Ms. San Miguel. *The Fundamentals, benefits and values of practicing the Pilates Method.
  • A DVD of Ms. San Miguel’s workshop on the History of Pilates recorded for Pilates Anytime, which includes a month free membership to Pilates Anytime.
  • Two DVDs on Mat performed by Ms. San Miguel.

These materials accompany the Lolita’s Legacy Mat System Teacher Training Manual. 

System I – Two 3-day weekends, for a total of 48 contact hours.

The second step in the Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training, System I, covers the Pilates apparatus: the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Ladder Barrel. Accompanied by a Training Manual and a DVD of Lolita teaching the exercises for System I.

System II-Two 3-day weekends for a total of 48 contact hours.

The third step in the Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training, System II, builds upon the exercises introduced in System I and covers Level II Pilates exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Ladder Barrel and introduces exercises on the Spine Corrector, Magic Circle, Rollers and Poles. Accompanied by a Training Manual and a DVD of Lolita teaching the exercises for System II.

System III-One 4-day weekend for a total of 32 contact hours.

The fourth step in the Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training, System III, is the final step on the student’s progressive pathway to becoming a comprehensively trained Lolita’s Legacy Pilates Teacher. It builds on all the previous work and covers Level III apparatus exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Magic Circle, Rollers, Poles and Ped-O-Pull and also covers auxiliary equipment exercises on the Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector and Wrist Strengthener. Accompanied by a Manual and a DVD of Lolita teaching the exercises for System III.

Students are required to take each System in sequential order and complete training hours within a 2 year period from start date in order to retain knowledge on what has been taught. Upon successful completion of all four Systems, assignments and all course hours, and receive a passing score on the Final Comprehensive Exam, students will earn a Comprehensive Certificate of Education from Lolita’s Legacy signed by Lolita San Miguel. 

The Mat System is 2 weekends of training and consists of 56 contact hours. Upon completion of the Mat System, Students will take System I, II, and III. Upon successful completion of all 4 Systems, assignments and course hours and a passing score on the Final Exam, students will earn a Comprehensive Certificate of Education signed by Lolita San Miguel and their Educator, Barbara Newman. The Mat System lays the foundation for your Pilates education and prepares you to begin your pathway of higher learning to become an inspiring Pilates Professional!


Cost of Course: $5,950.00. Cost of Materials:  $500.00.  Final Exam: $400.00

History and Philosophy of Pilates, Anatomy and Mat (Two 3 1/2 day weekends for 56 contact hours):  $1,700.00

System I (Two 3-day weekends for 48 contact hours): $1,550.00

System II (Two 3-day weekends for 48 contact hours): $1,550.00

System III (One 4-day weekend for 32 contact hours): $1,150.00


Total Contact Hours: 184

Observation Hours: 124

Self-Practice Hours: 100

Assistant/Student Teaching Hours: 92

Total number of hours: 500


Students must be 18 years or older and has had at least 25 hours of Pilates experience or has had some other fitness or movement experience (e.g., dance or other exercise modalities). Students must have a physician’s clearance and a liability waiver.

What sets Lolita’s Legacy apart from the rest?

Lolita’s Legacy was designed by First Generation Pilates Master, Lolita San Miguel. Lolita’s Teacher Training Program embodies the legacy that Joseph and Clara Pilates passed on to Ms. San Miguel personally. Ms. San Miguel holds the distinction of being one of the only 2 known practitioners to have been officially certified by Joseph and Clara Pilates and awarded degrees by the State University of New York to teach the Pilates Method. Lolita has also been certified by Polestar Pilates Education and was awarded a Gold Certificate by the Pilates Method Alliance. She is one of the two remaining “Distinguished Elders” of the Pilates Method Alliance.
Lolita’s Legacy is the only education program that integrates the Ped-O-Pull, Toe Corrector, Foot Corrector and Wrist Strengthener into the Education course, as well as teaching a Workshop for Seniors and a Senior’s Bed Workout for elderly clients who may be bedridden.

Who will be conducting Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training?

Only Pilates professionals that have been personally trained and mentored by Lolita San Miguel are qualified to teach Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training Program. Barbara Newman will be conducting the Teacher Training at TruCore Pilates in Kildeer. After receiving her Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certification and passing the Pilates Method Alliance examination, Barbara was accepted into Lolita’s Pilates Master Mentor Program (PMMP). After completing an intensive 2-year Mentoring Program with Lolita, Barbara was awarded the distinguished privilege of becoming a Second Generation Pilates Teacher and Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master and Educator. Barbara is extremely hands-on and conducts the training personally. Barbara offers a classic apprenticeship-based training approach, much like the informal teacher trainings that Joseph Pilates did. This hands-on, small group approach gives students a broad base in the Pilates Method and allows students to develop and refine their ability to “see”, thereby producing excellent teachers. The goal of the Program is to produce teachers of the highest quality, who have the knowledge and deep understanding of the Method.
Students will also have the opportunity to interact within a dynamic studio at TruCore, seeing the inner workings of the business. As part of Lolita’s Legacy, students will have access to equipment so that they may practice what they are learning. They will also have the opportunity to work with all types of bodies-- young, elderly, athletes, individuals dealing with past injuries or traumas—each body is different, and students must learn to teach the body that is in front of them!

Will I be Internationally Certified?

Yes! You will be qualified to teach the Pilates Method anywhere in the world. We also recommend that you take the PMA Pilates Certification test, which Lolita’s Legacy will help prepare you for.

How long does it take to complete the Program?

The entire program is a minimum of 500 hours. The Education is divided into a 4-System Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course. We will work over the course of 7 weekend training sessions, which are spread out over the course of 12-15 months. This time allows students to digest and refine what they are learning in the different Systems, allows for self-practice, as well as Observation and Student Teaching hours.