What is Spin?

Spin is a great way to get in a vigorous workout, especially in those cold winter months. Lead by motivating instructors that will take you through a music-motivated high-intensity workout, this exercise is perfect for beginners as well as elite athletes.

Who founded Spin?

In the 1980s, avid cyclist Jonathan Goldberg found himself regularly riding and training indoors which led him into developing stationary bike that felt similarly to riding on the road. After numerous versions and adjustments to the prototype, he finally created a fixed gear stationary bike with a weighted fly-wheel and adjustable tension knob that made riding indoors almost identical to outdoor cycling.

How do you "do" Spin?

TruCore's spin class is meant to simulate road riding and a training schedule similar to that of something one would do outdoors. It includes drills such as "hill climbs," "interval training," "sprinting," all made possible with imagination, control over one's cadence, and tension control. Classes are lead by instructors who normally guide participants through a series of multiple phases, from warm-up to more difficult phases, to a period of peak effort, followed by a cool down.

Why do Spin?

The many benefits of Spin include:

  • help to maintain or lose weight
  • promote lean muscle development
  • develop stronger muscles without adding bulk
  • excellent cardiovascular workout

*TruCore offers classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.