Trucore Pilates and Move Pilates is proud to offer the Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program. The PSC (Pilates Sport Center) Program is an internationally recognized certification program specializing in both “Classical” and “West Coast” Pilates.

PSC (Pilates Sport Center) teaches a contemporary approach to the original exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s; one that preserves the essence of the original technique but incorporates today’s knowledge and principles.

PSC Teacher Training Program, which produces some of the most skilled and capable trainers in the country.


Coming this Fall!

Program Cost

Full Course (Mat and Apparatus): $5300.00

Modular Pilates Apparatus Programs:

  • Pilates Mat – $1000.00 - 1 weekend

  • Reformer – $2000.00 – 2 weekends

  • Cadillac – $1000.00 – 1 weekend

  • Chair – $1000.00 – 1 weekend

  • Nuts and Bolts/Philosophy – $300 – If not already PSC Mat Certified, it is required with any other module and is held at the beginning (first 2 classes/12 hours) of any course.

  • $500 deposit ($100 for Mat or Module) – This amount will be applied to your total tuition and is non-refundable. Check, money order, cash or credit card (MC/Visa).

  • Course Manuals - $250 to be paid before class begins - not included in program cost.

Modular Courses will meet defined weekends 6 - 8 hours per class. The full course takes 7 weekends. Modular programs are also available.


▪ Experience a minimum of 30 hours of Pilates instruction with a Certified Instructor.

▪ Application, questionnaire, entrance interview, tuition deposit, manuals fee, physician's clearance, and liability waiver.

       *TruCore Pilates & Move Studio reserves the right to refuse admittance to any applicant.



What is the Time Commitment?

7 weekends

What sets PSC training apart from the rest?

This isn’t a “teacher mill” where we push out a high volume of low-skill teachers. Suitable for first-time instructors and for experienced teachers looking to deepen their practice, this training is a highly personal and in-depth approach to the classic work and beyond. This training includes Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Mat work. Luann places importance on functionality, anatomy and modifications for a wide range of clients. In addition, trainees will be able to interact within a dynamic studio, seeing the inner workings of the business. They also will have the opportunity to work with all types of bodies: the young and elderly, the well and recovering, men and women.

How many hours is the program? How long does it take to complete?

The entire program is a minimum of 450 hours. If your schedule allows full-time study, you may be able to complete the training over approximately 7 weekends.

450-Hour Course includes:

  • 30 hours of documented Pilates experience prior to course – discounts offered at all PSC Studios with deposit toward Course
  • 120 hours of classroom experience with PSC Master Trainers
  • 100 hours of Observation of a Certified Instructor
  • 100 hours of Practice Teaching with classmates/friends/family
  • 40 hours of Self Integration (continued Pilates experience)
  • 45 hours Client Assessment and Programming Project (assignment)
  • 15 hours Pilates video/DVD observation
  • Passing scores on tests, practical exams and projects

What is the history of PSC?

PSC, founded in 2000 in Studio City, CA, had the vision of offering quality Pilates instruction and focused on fitness and low back care of its clients. The quality of Pilates Certification was very disheartening and they decided to do something about it and developed PSC. Since then, the studio has grown and moved, has added many qualified Instructors and taken on the rewarding task of developing a Pilates Teacher Training Program.

Will I be internationally certified?

Yes, you will be qualified to teach Pilates anywhere in the world. We recommend that you also take the PMA Pilates Certification test, which we will prepare you to take.

Who teaches the trainees?

Luann is extremely hands-on and conducts 90% of the training herself. She also uses her instructors as support staff and contracts with local experts for anatomy and other special sections. Luann offers classic apprenticeship-based training, much like the informal teacher trainings that Joseph Pilates did. This hands-on, small group approach gives teachers a broad base in the classic work, yet also develops the eye and instinct of the teacher. Participants can choose to do one module weekend at a time (arm chair, reformer, etc) or enroll in all modules to become a fully PMA-eligible teacher, capable of teaching any client on all equipment in any environment. Luann has taught dozens of working instructors and have had the privilege of having 5 students as Studio Owners

How much does training cost?

The full program is $5300.00* – Paid to Move Studio. Plus $250 for training manuals

Will work with you on payment if necessary*

Do I have to pay extra for sessions or teacher observation hours?

No, Move studio will offer full access allows trainees to garner a better base of support by learning from a wide range of teachers and becoming familiar with studio operations and client interactions while developing their teaching and Pilates knowledge skill sets.